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Gepubliceerde datum: 10 January 2022

Hello friends, thank you for visiting the Symply blog – we’re happy to see you.

It’s been a busy year for us here at Symply headquarters. Our nutrition and marketing team have been hard at work researching and testing (on very happy and willing pets) our brand-new recipes and beautiful fresh new look.


Proudly made in the UK, with healthy ingredients and over 40 years of experience working in the pet trade; this family-run business has developed a range for cats and dogs that’s wholesome, perfectly balanced and above all – nutritious!

Our Dry Dog Food range is made up of eight varieties, including a Puppy, a Small and Large Breed option and a Light/Senior that all sit amongst our Adult recipes. If your furry friend prefers our Wet Food or likes to mix things up a little, we have nine delicious choices in our popular Wet Trays.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help keep your cats well-fed too with a Chicken option and if your feline likes fish, we have a Salmon with Sweet Potato for them to enjoy.


All the ingredients for a happy pet!

Our special family members love nothing more than running; playing, catching and splashing. A warm hug, a rub on their tummy and a delicious meal in their bowl is all they really want… We’re speaking from experience here - from our own packs. Our very own companions were the driving force when we formulated these diets, they are also our very happy food tasters – what a life!

As we mentioned above, we’ve created Dry and Wet complete diets for our four-legged comrades; these diets are high in freshly prepared meat with carefully selected carbohydrates. We’ve then complemented our recipe with beneficial veggies, oils and botanicals – with no nasty artificial colourings or preservatives in sight!


The Benefits of feeding a Dry Food

So, you’ve read all the reviews and you’ve found the appropriate food for your companion but trying to decide between Dry and Wet can be confusing, as both have their benefits. When feeding dry you can expect to gain advantages with the following:

  • The crunch – dry food has a ‘teeth cleaning’ effect when munching on kibble
  • When it comes to Dry Food, you feed less. So, you’ll find that your cost per day will be lower than feeding just a wet food
  • Dry food is convenient, it’s easy to store and you don’t need to worry about handling meat or taking up fridge and freezer space
  • Feeding less, means less packaging and that has an effect on the environment – bonus points to you (did we mention our bags are 100% recyclable?)

Our Dry Food Range

Your youngster can start their journey with our Puppy Fuel, made with fresh Turkey that’s gentle on tummies and Sweet Potato that can be digested nice and slowly for a steady release of energy, which may impact a few of those zoomies (phew). Puppy Fuel is ready to be fed from 8 weeks old and up to their adult age – this is determined by their breed and size, so please refer to the back of the packaging or our website for more information on when best to change their diet.

Our Adult range boasts 6 different varieties including our Lamb with Sweet Potato and Oats; that has been aiding companions across the world, who have been having a ruff time with a host of ailments like poor skin & coat condition and digestive issues. We’ve thought about our older friends too and formulated the Symply Light/Senior, which is high in joint care but also a support to a slower metabolism – ideal for those who may be weight watching.

If you have a Small Breed, you may be aware that they require much higher energy requirements than that of their larger cousins, therefore a specialised and considered Small Breed food for your little one is recommended. When it came to creating our Symply Small Breed, we decided to use Fresh Turkey for its digestibility, it’s also a fantastic protein choice for aiding growth and repair and all-round physiological support.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have our Large Breed Chicken and you’ll be pleased to know that we didn’t hold back when it came to the important stuff: joint care! When reading your Large Breed or Senior’s food label you’re looking for the following ingredients:

  • Glucosamine – helps to support the repair of any damaged cartilage in the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Chondroitin - works as a cushion between the bones in a joint
  • MSM – works as a natural pain relief and has anti-inflammatory properties

When used together, the combination of these ingredients is a powerful force for helping our dogs enjoy quality of life through the management of pain relief and as a support and building block for everyday reinforcement.


The benefits of feeding Wet Food

Our Wet Trays are hugely popular amongst the canine community, mostly because they’re deliciously packed with a variety of meaty recipes, but we also can’t ignore the benefits below:

  • They’re delicious! All that fresh meat is symply irresistible to hungry hounds!
  • There’s lots of variety, in fact there is so much choice it makes it harder for your dog to find his favourite (we can think of worse problems to have)!
  • More moisture, which can be particularly beneficial to our friends who are inclined to urinary tract issues or find it hard to keep hydrated. Moisture is also good for renal health.

Our Wet Food Range

Our deliciously popular Wet Trays fly off the shelf, due to their succulent cuts of meat or fish and fantastic range of choice. If you’re struggling with finding a hypo-allergenic food for your dog to enjoy, you’ve just found it!

You might be wondering if you can mix your wet and dry together, and the answer is: absolutely! Any lucky pooch will enjoy having both our wet and our dry together for a healthy meal, combining all of the benefits above for our special family members. When feeding these together it’s best to work with percentages, for example: feed 50% of the recommended amount of dry (via the pack guide) and 50% of the recommended amount in wet. If you would like help with this, please contact us to learn more.


All the ingredients for a happy Cat!

Running; climbing, hiding and playing are all favourite pas-times for our kittens and cats, and we have kept that in mind when creating our simple yet nutritiously balanced diets for both growing kittens and fully-grown adults.

There are two furr-midable varieties for your cat to choose from; our Chicken and our Salmon; both made with freshly prepared meat or fish, making these recipes ideal for satisfying even the fussiest of felines. We’ve also included digestible carbohydrates and mixed it all with ingredients perfectly selected to aid in your cat’s overall physiological support.

When creating our recipes for cats, we called upon our years of experience working in feline nutrition and of course, owning cats ourselves to ensure we have provided the best possible care for the most important member of the house, here’s a quick round-up for you:

  • As obligate carnivores, we know that cats are meat eaters! Symply only uses highly digestible and tasty fresh protein sources, because we believe that fresh is best
  • Our diets contain adequate Taurine levels; an essential amino acid which plays an important role in heart and visual support
  • We’ve added vitamin E and selenium to help maintain a healthy immune system
  • These recipes contain cranberry extract to help protect against those tricky urinary tract issues

We understand that our cats can be quite picky but we are sure they will love our gorgeous Symply recipes. Visit our stockist page to find your nearest pet shop or buy online.


We care about our environment!

One of our top priorities when we updated our look here at Symply headquarters, was environmental waste and what we can do to help protect our planet. We are really pleased to say that we were able to make this happen with our new Symply bags, which are now 100% recyclable.

All you need to do is take our bags along with your carrier bags and recycle them at your local pet store, supermarket or recycling centre (some authorities even let you do it curbside, you just need to check!).


Visit your local Pet Shop

We believe in the high street and in supporting our local pet shops; you can’t beat taking your dog out for a shopping trip, a treat and some unbeatable advice from a specialist in all thing’s pet.

That’s why we have chosen to only support independent family run pet shops and why you will never find our products in supermarkets, online only vendors or convenience stores. We are proud to support a network of over 5,000 retailers across 40 countries. We have stuck by these principles for over 25 years.

Visit your nearest pet specialist today!

Get Social!

Visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to tell us all about your companions and share their photos with us – hearing from our favourite tail-waggers and how much they enjoy our taste, is one of the perks of the job!


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