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All the ingredients for a happy pet

Perfectly balanced fresh meat & nutrient rich vegetables

We take delicious cuts of meat and fish, combine them with succulent field fresh vegetables and botanicals to make a delicious, wholesome and natural recipe for your much-loved companion.

Who are you shopping for?

Feed Symply for less than 50p a day!*

Our recipes are packed full of delicious high quality ingredients. This means that every bite is packed full of goodness meaning that you feed less of our food than most others per day. In fact, Symply is so nutritionally complete you can feed a 5kg dog for just 43p per day*.


*Figure based on feeding a 5kg dog Symply Fresh Chicken 12kg bag, at the recommended daily amount.

We are proudly carbon neutral

We are proud that we take as much carbon out the atmosphere as we put in, making us carbon neutral today and always.
For happy pets and a happy planet!




Naturally healthy and hypoallergenic

Our recipes are delicious whichever way you want to serve them. We only use natural sources of fibre and whole grains for good digestive health and our hypoallergenic recipes won’t trigger any wheat or wheat gluten allergies.

For healthy skin and a head-turning coat!

We use salmon oil in our foods which helps your pet achieve healthy skin and a gorgeous head-turning coat - naturally.

100% recyclable packaging

We understand the need to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. Our new bags can be recycled with your carrier bags at your local pet store, supermarket or recycling centre.*


*Please check with your local authority for further guidance.

Symply the best

Don't just take our word for it! Here are some Symply stories from our faithful furry fan-base.